Support intermediary waypoints between origin and destination on Apple Maps

Number:rdar://36500783 Date Originated:January 14, 2018 12:10 pm
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:macOS + SDK Maps Product Version:10.13.2
Classification:Suggestion Reproducible:Yes
I am the author of a Workflow for AlfredApp ( on macOS that integrates with both Apple Maps and Google Maps.

The workflow currently permits intermediary waypoints between the origin and destination for Google Maps, but at this time cannot support the same for Apple Maps on MacOS as waypoints in-between the origin and destinations are not supported for directions. Therefore, this request is to add intermediary waypoints for directions on Apple Maps (including in the URL handler scheme), as soon as this is supported, I will migrate it over.

The workflow is detailed at so you can see what it does and the use case behind it. The issue tracked on my side for this is and will track this there until such time as if/when waypoints are available on Apple Maps.

Thanks so much team, greatly appreciated.


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