Crash (possibly hang) on [EAGLContext presentRenderbuffer:]

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We are seeing this crash recently in our app. 

1	libsystem_kernel.dylib	__pthread_kill + 8
2	libsystem_pthread.dylib	pthread_kill$VARIANT$mp + 392
3	libsystem_c.dylib	abort + 136
4	AppleMetalGLRenderer	GLDContextRec::flushContextInternal() + 736
5	GLEngine	gliPresentViewES_Exec + 184
6	OpenGLES	-[EAGLContext presentRenderbuffer:] + 76

We believe this is not caused by memory shortage, backgrounding the app or an internal deadlock. 

In our app we use a queue to schedule a list of image process requests, and every time before this crash happens we found the queue is stucked on some previous command. So it's also possible that this bug is not about crash but hangs for some reason. 

99% of crashes comes from iOS 11.


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