10.13.4 (17E150g): Safari bookmarks fail to sync automatically via iCloud

Number:rdar://37557098 Date Originated:14 Feb 2018
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iCloud Product Version:10.13.4
Classification: Reproducible:Always
In recent seeds of Mac OS 10.13.3 and .4, Safari bookmarks fail to automatically sync between computers via iCloud. In order to force the sync, it is necessary to disable and then re-enable Safari iCloud sync.


1. on computer A (10.13.3 release), create some bookmarks in Safari.
2. on computer B (10.13.4 beta), observe that they do not show up.
3. on computer B, via System Preferences > iCloud, turn off (uncheck) Safari.
4. immediately turn it back on again. (Acknowledge the merge warning.)

Expected: bookmarks added in step 1 appear immediately in step 2.

Actual: bookmarks fail to show up immediately, and only appear after step 4.

Sysdiagnose attached, both before and after toggling the Safari box to force the sync.


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