Cmd+F should search the currently viewed playlist, not Apple Music/iTunes Store

Number:rdar://37834739 Date Originated:2018-02-23
Status:Closed Resolved:No
Product:iTunes Product Version:
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Always
Pressing Cmd + F focuses iTunes' search field and searches the iTunes Store/Apple Music instead of searching the playlist that is currently being viewed.

Steps to Reproduce:
Click on a playlist in your iTunes music library to view it (or create one, if none exist).
Press the keyboard combination of the Cmd key and the 'F' key.

Expected Results:
A search box appears above the playlist, and any typed text searches the songs within that playlist (fuzzy, based on song name, artist name and album name, highlighting any matched text, as Spotify does).

Actual Results:
The search field in the top right of the iTunes field is focused. Any typed text shows a popover/dropdown with search suggestions, and pressing enter searches the iTunes Store/Apple Music.



Apple Developer Relations 15-August-2018 08:04 AM: Closed

Engineering has determined that this issue behaves as intended based on the following information: We support this functionality if you select Search Library instead of Apple Music, then hit return.

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