localized bundle names of High Sierra installer contain non braking spaces

Number:rdar://37983379 Date Originated:2018-02-28
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Product:macOS + SDK / Installers Product Version:10.13
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The installer app bundle for macOS High Sierra, when downloaded from the AppStore does have a localized name. However in some languages, this name does contain non-breaking spaces. When a user in that language renames the file in Finder (e.g. by appending the version number), that localized name gets the new actual name of the bundle. Having filenames containing non-breaking spaces may cause issues with third party tools which are not prepared for such a thing. For example VMware Fusion, which cannot build a working installation disk from installers containing these characters. Please avoid non-breaking spaces in filenames.
In macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 the following localisations are affected: ar, de, es, fr, pl, ru
With macOS Sierra 10.12.6 the list did only contain: es, fr, pl, ru


Apple Developer Relations

This is an issue for a third party to resolve based on the following:
This is done out of necessity. It is up to the 3rd party apps to handle them properly. For some languages we add non-breaking spaces, especially between High and Sierra, so that we don’t have High on one line and on the second line Sierra.
We are closing this report.

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