iTunes Connect - Manual Submission Stuck on Spinner

Number:rdar://38215824 Date Originated:07-Mar-2018 10:56 am
Status:Closed Resolved:
Product:iTunes Connect Product Version:Current
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:Sometimes
Yesterday (Tuesday March 6th) at 8AM GMT, I released a new version of an app manually, having been fully reviewed & approved by your app review team.  After hitting the release button on iTunes Connect, I was presented with a spinner - 10 minutes later it was still there.  I ended up opening a separate app and saw the new version was down as released, and so I didn’t think any activity was going on.  I’ve encountered this issue once before on November 15th 2017 with an app update also released at 8AM. 

Steps to Reproduce:
1.  Upload your build, create a new app version.
2.  Fill in all the usual details about your app on iTunes Connect.  Ensure the app is not released automatically or on a specified date & time (in other words, manual).
2.  Get your app review team to review said app.
3.  Upon approval, select “Release this version”

Expected Results:
I get a usual confirmation prompt that the version has been successfully released.

Actual Results:
On this occasion, I got a spinner.  Out of the 10 minutes I kept the tab in question open, it wouldn’t go away.


The new version of this app almost took eight hours to actually appear on the app store, which is far longer than I’d expect!  I didn’t click the “Remember me” button on iTunes Connect’s login as I have another Apple developer account.


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