Multiple Image Selection for UIImagePickerController

Number:rdar://41079581 Date Originated:2071-06-13
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:UIKit Product Version:
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Since iOS 11, Apple recommends for privacy reasons to use UIImagePickerController instead of custom libraries for picking images and making photos, because UIImagePickerController runs in a separate process and does not give the client app access to the whole photo collection or live camera stream, but rather only the photo that was taken.

Unfortunately in many apps, it is necessary for UX convenience to pick several images at once from the photo library, and therefore, still, a lot of 3rd party image picker libraries based on the Photos framework are used. It would be very helpful if UIImagePickerController would just support the selection of multiple images, then many apps could drop the use of these 3rd party libs and users would benefit from less permission dialogs.


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