Allow option to disable Safari link auditing

Number:rdar://49731607 Date Originated:April 9 2019, 1:26 PM
Status:Duplicate/49636628/Open Resolved:
Product:Safari Product Version:12.1
Classification:Security Reproducible:Always
duplicate of rdar://47000341

You can disable anchor ping, AKA hyperlink auditing, in Safari Version 12.0.2 (13606. with a Terminal command:
$ defaults write -bool false

However, this does no longer work since Safari 12.1.

Steps to Reproduce:
defaults write -bool false

Follow the "Ping Me" link

Expected Results:
There should be no ping POST

Actual Results:
A ping POST to is sent.

I'm fully aware that disabling hyperlink auditing won't fix the various tracking methods (e.g. through redirect chains) invented by the ad industry. However, this makes it even easier for them and gives them an additional tool at their disposal.

Please increase your efforts in fighting ad tracking, instead of limiting them!


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