Bring IntelliJ IDEA's Intention Actions to Xcode

Number:rdar://7215136 Date Originated:10-Sep-2009 11:12 PM
Status:Duplicate/3481240 Resolved:16-Sep-2009 04:51
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IntelliJ IDEA has a really neat features called "Intention Actions":


The idea is that the editor detects some condition, such as an undefined method or missing import statement, and it provides assistance.  There's a huge list of supported intention actions:


Some useful ones for Objective-C would be:

* Detect methods implementations that have no declaration.  Offer to create the declaration either publicly in the .h file or privately in a class extension inside the .m file.

* Detect classes that need to be imported and offer to add the #import line.

There's no doubt a lot more possibilities, as can be seen from the IntelliJ documentation.  This was one of the most useful features of Idea, and I'd love to see it in Xcode.


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