Add an @override keyword on methods to help detect errors

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Overriding a superclass' method or implementing a protocol with optional methods can result in subtle bugs, including:

* Accidentally overriding a superclass' method.
* Misspelling a superclass' method, thus not actually overriding it.
* Misspelling an optional protocol method, thus not actually implementing it.

Java provides an '@override' annotation to handle these cases:


And C# provides an 'override' keyword:


A similar keyword in Objective-C, like @override, could work the same way:


If you mark a method with @override, it *must* be declared in either the superclass or an optional protocol method.  If not, you get a compiler error (or maybe just a warning).

Perhaps an @implement keyword could be used for protocols since you aren't strictly overriding anything:

- (NSInteger)numberOfRowsInTableView:(NSTableView *)tableView

This may be polluting keywords too much, and @override could be used for both cases, even if it's not strictly correct for protocols.


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