Can't migrate selected apps with Migration Assistent

Number:rdar://7281957 Date Originated:07-Oct-2009
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Mac OS X Product Version:10.6.1
Classification:enhancement Reproducible:always
07-Oct-2009 01:10 AM:

I just migrated from a large hard disk to a smaller SSD drive.
The new drive did not have enough space for all of the original data, the user can select which users to migrate, but it is not possible to select individual applications.
As a result, I migrated without any applications and was then forced to manually re-install iLife, iWork, XCode, Photoshop and a host of other apps which can't be simply dragged into the new Applications folder.

Steps to Reproduce:

On the original, large disk:
install at least one large app in /Applications - my killer app was X-Plane with all screnery - just under 80GB.
Backup with time machine.

Install a smaller drive (ie: a 64 GB SSD)
Install Snow Leopard and migrate existing data from time machine (or similar source)
Individual users can be selected for migration, for Applications its all or nothing. 

Expected Results:

It would be good to be able to select which applications should be migrated.

Actual Results:

The Applications selection in Migration Assistant is a single check-box.
No detailed selection is possible.




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