Developer forums pagination breaks the browser back button

Number:rdar://7595111 Date Originated:30 Jan 2010
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iPhone Developer Forums Product Version:
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:Always
When trying to use the Developer Forums (htttp://, AJAX is used to power the message board pagination.

However, as the pagination works in such a way that the URL in the location bar is not updated, pressing the browser back button will always take you back to the first page.

Example scenario:

You are browsing through the topics in any given forum. You paginate through to page 3, find a thread you want to read and click it to read the thread. When you are done, you hit the back button on your browser and find yourself back on page 1 of the forum.

I use Safari but I imagine this is a general issue.

It would be nice if either:

a) AJAX was not used for pagination; it seems to add little value, or
b) AJAX was used as a progressive enhancement, where the pagination links act as normal hyperlinks in the absence of Javascript and use of the back button i spossible.


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