NSTokenField: allow Right Arrow & other keys as tokenizing chars, like Mail

Number:rdar://8849747 Date Originated:11-Jan-2011
Status:Closed Resolved:Duplicate /6299256
Product:Mac OS X Product Version:
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:
Currently, when you implement a standard NSTokenField using Apple's APIs, the right arrow key is not usable as a "tokenizing character", like the return key is.

That means that when you press the right arrow, what you've typed so far doesn't turn into a token. When you press the return key, what you've typed so far *does* turn into a token.

This is unlike Mail, where typing the right arrow key or the return key after you've typed some text will tokenize the preceding text.

It was already reported as early as 2008 in this post:


The answer given by Apple employee Aki Inoue to the developer who wanted this functionality for his own NSTokenField was "there is no easy way to accomplish this right now", and to file a bug, which he did, as rdar://problem/6299256.

I don't have access to that bug, so I'm filing my own, with presumably the same request:

Please allow third-party developers to specify the right arrow key (and other keys) as tokenizing characters for an NSTokenFIeld, to allow for behavior that matches Mail's behavior. Or provide some other way to effect the same behavior in our NSTokenField instances.


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