Music App not displaying Lyrics

Number:rdar://9993159 Date Originated:08/21/2011
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS 5 Product Version:Beta 7
Classification:Other Bug Reproducible:Always
In the Music app in iOS 5 beta (since beta 1), while playing any song with lyrics, touch the full screen cover to display the current song's lyrics. (Behavior in iOS 4)

Steps to Reproduce:
Launch Music app in Springboard
Choose song to play containing lyrics (Check in iTunes that lyrics are present in the correct tab)
Touch the song to play
The cover of the song is going full screen
Touch the cover once
The controls menu up and the Lists, Songs, Albums, etc... menu down appears as the cover shrinks to let space.
The lyrics are NOT displaying

Expected Results:
Touching the full screen cover while the song is being played should display the lyrics (iOS 4 behavior)

Actual Results:
The lyrics are not displaying

Feature available in iOS 3 and 4 (Can't remember if it was in iPhone OS 1 & 2)

Please, make this very cool feature back.


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