Add ability to fetch catalog `Playlist` from library `Playlist`
Number:rdar://FB13430279 Date Originated:2023-11-30
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Product:MusicKit Product Version:macOS 14.1.1 (23B81)
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The properties of `Playlist` are populated differently depending on whether the object was fetched using a catalog API or a library API. In the Apple Music server API, there is a way to get to the catalog playlist from a library playlist via the `catalog` relationship. MusicKit should have a similar ability.



What specific differences are you interested in between the catalog Playlist and the library Playlist?


For my app specifically, I want the catalog ID. However, I imagine other apps could want to access other catalog playlist attributes like playlist type, curator name, etc.

Besides, given that the server API already offers this feature, shouldn’t the rationale for the feature be the same for the native MusicKit framework? If nothing else, at least expose the catalog ID so that developers can use the server API to look up the catalog playlist.

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