Migration Assistant explodes sparse files51199796

Number:rdar://FB6108416 Date Originated:29 May 2019
Status: Resolved:
Product:macOS Product Version:10.14
Classification: Reproducible:
Summary: Migration Assistant copying files from an APFS system to another will explode sparse files to use up their whole logical size. This causes the receiving system to not be able to fit all the files, even if the disk size is the same as the origin system.
Example: Docker for Mac installs a Docker.raw file which has a logical size of 64 GB but a physical size of 3 GB. On migration this file stops being sparse.

Steps to Reproduce: Use Migration assistant to move a sparse file from one APFS system to another.

Expected Results: It should work if the destination system has as much space as the origin system.

Actual Results: It fails even if the space is presumably there.


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