New Build System: Issue Navigator doesn't jump to errors in headers when header maps are disabled

Number:rdar://FB7673400 Date Originated:April 23 2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Xcode Product Version:11.4.1
Classification: Reproducible:
We disable header maps (USE_HEADERMAP = NO) to enforce that C++ headers are included using their complete path (e.g., "mycompany/foo.hpp", not just "foo.hpp"). When using the New Build System, this breaks the Issue Navigator: it doesn't jump to an error in the editor when clicking on an issue in a header. The Issue Navigator works when using the Legacy Build System.

The example project is the macOS Command Line Tool template with "USE_HEADERMAP = NO" and "HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS = include" set at project scope.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Clone
2. Open "XcodeNewBuildSystemIssueNavigatorBug.xcodeproj"
3. Build
4. Open the Issue Navigator pane
5. Click on the error (on the "I'm an error - try to navigate to me" text)

Xcode jumps to the error in the editor

An alert sound is played and Xcode does not open "foo.h"


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