PHPhotoLibrary needs a way to request access to a list of photo asset IDs

Number:rdar://FB8984624 Date Originated:1/29/21
Status: Resolved:
Product:PhotoKit Product Version:
Classification:Suggestion Reproducible:
Please add the ability for PHPhotoLibrary to do a presentLimitedLibraryPicker with a specific set of photo asset IDs pre-selected, so that apps that have lost their photo permissions due to a reinstall or other issue can efficiently regain access to photos they were using previously without users having to manually go through and select them all again.

Our app lets users bookmark + view a list of recently selected photos from their photo library. It doesn't really need to be able to access the entire library - users are only picking one photo at a time anyway and can do so perfectly well with the lovely new PHPickerViewController - but in order to make that function durable through reinstalls / syncs / etc, we either need to request access to the entire photo library, which is an unnecessary intrusion into users' privacy, or save a copy of every photo, which wastes a ton of storage space.


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