Mapping Model created for models that contain a derived attribute don't match entity version hashes

Number:rdar://FB9044112 Date Originated:2020-03-15
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Product:Xcode Product Version:Version 12.4 (12D4e)
Classification: Reproducible:Always
Xcode create invalid mapping models for Core Data models that have a date derived attribute which derivation expression is `now()`.
For those entities `sourceEntityVersionHash` and `destinationEntityVersionHash` for the mapping doesn’t match the version hash in the source and destination models.

For automatic migrations the mapping model isn’t used because the hashes don’t match.
So I created a sample project with a manual migration which the mapping model is loaded from a specific file or inferred.

When migrating from the mapping model `Persistence.migrationModel = .migrationModel` the migration fails with error: "Mismatch between mapping and source/destination models"

When migrating with inferred model `Persistence.migrationModel = .infered` the migration don’t fail but it isn’t possible to customize it.

As a workaround I create the option `Persistence.migrationModel = .fixedMigrationModel`, which will check if the version hashes don’t match and force them to be equal if the entity have a derived attribute of `Date` type and with derivation expression is `now()`.

The sample project can be found at


The problem also occurs with derived attributes whose derivation expressions are different from now() (i.e. @count)

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