Migration Assistant prefers Peer-to-Peer over Thunderbolt

Number:rdar://FB9865600 Date Originated:1/29/22, 20:17:01 EST
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:macOS Product Version:macOS 12.2 (21D49)
Classification:Installation/Setup/Migration/Recovery Reproducible:
Migration Assistant prefers Peer-to-Peer over Thunderbolt
FB9865600 — macOS

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Migration Assistant prefers Peer-to-Peer over Thunderbolt

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Incorrect/Unexpected Behavior


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Migration during installation

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macOS 12.2 (21D49) 

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Another macOS installation

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7:20 pm EST 01/29/2022


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Migration Assistant prefers Peer-to-Peer over Thunderbolt

This is similar to FB9864957, but slightly different. I was attempting to replicate my problem in that bug and get some screenshots, and instead *this* happened.

I attempted to migrate data between two A2442 MacBookPro18,4 (14” MacBook Pro 2021) machines both running 12.2.
They are connected with a newly purchased (Wednesday) Apple Thunderbolt3 cable, 0.8m length.
I have verified that the two machines can communicate via Thunderbolt through Recovery > Share Disk, although that is not being used here.

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When two machines are connected via Thunderbolt, Migration Assistant can activate Wifi (even if it is disabled) and initiate a peer-to-peer wireless connection between the two machines, and use that instead of Thunderbolt.

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0. Connect both machines via the Thunderbolt cable. Confirm the thunderbolt connection works by temporarily booting the destination machine to Recovery> Share Disk and connecting to it from the Finder on the source machine. Having done so, reboot the destination machine into the setup process and begin the MacOS setup. 
1. Start Migration Assistant (MA) on the source machine, and continue through the setup process on the destination machine to get to Migration Assistant.
2. Begin the migration.
3. Observe that MA has selected “Peer-to-Peer” (wifi) and not Thunderbolt.

- What results you expected
MA should have selected Thunderbolt.

- What results you actually saw
MA selected Peer-to-Peer wifi.

20220129_192240 p2p connection details.jpg


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